References in books

7 Sep

Cinema 4D

Powers, Anne – Cinema 4D The Artist’s Project Sourcebook (first – third edition)


Katz, Steven – Film Directing Shot by Shot

Pirilä, Kivi – 3 kirjaa: Otos, Leikkaus, Teos

Motion Studies

Muybridge, Eadweard – Animals in Motion, The Human Figure in Motion, Man in Motion

Animation Essentials

Blair, Preston – Cartoon Animation

Thomas, Frank – Illusion of Life

Whitaker, Harold – Timing for Animation

White, Tony – The Animator’s Work Book

Williams, Richard – The Animators Survival Kit – Revised Edition

Screen Writing

Hauge, Michael – Writing Screenplays That Sell

Graphic Arts

Cameron, Julia – The Artist’s Way

Character Modelling and Animation

Iijima, Takashi – Action Anatomy for Gamers, Animators, and Digital Artists


Schneider, Michael – A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe


Demers, Owen – Digital Texturing and Painting


Alton, John – Painting with Light

Birn, Jeremy – Digital Lighting and Rendering


Brinkmann, Ron – The Art and Science of Digital Compositing


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