15 Feb

It is possible to create as many cameras as you need in c4d and animate their rotation like any other 3D-object.

When you create a camera, the physical location and orientation are represented by a camera symbol. The x- and y-axes of the camera correspond to the film plane, and the z-axis is the direction in which the camera is pointing. The pyramid of linesindicates the camera’s field of view, and the orange handles let you make adjustments to the camera interactively.

Camera and it’s features are fully animatable, but do keep in mind that camera represents the eye of your viewer. It is generally a good idea to keep camera movement simple and smooth, so viewers are not distracted by it’s movements as they focus on the subject. Unless you are animating a roller coaster ride from a point of view of the viewer, try to avoid jerky camera movements by keeping keys to a minimum, placing keys far enough apart in time and space, and using tangent handles to create elegant arch of motion.

The virtual camera has got the same features as their real-world counterparts.

Camera Features

Focal length – polttoväli

Film Gate

Depth of field – syvyysterävyys

Field of view

Focus distance – see Focal legth

Focal length can be adjusted to a wider or narrower angle of view, affecting how much is included in the scene. Changes in focal length will distort perspective, while moving the camera object keeps the perspective normal.




Shutter speed