Different animation techniques

1 Feb

You should have a good understanding of how your character is going to move in the project in order for you to make decisions on how you’re going to build and use the rig for your character.

Skeleton animation

  • Creating your own skeleton:
    • The way to have ultimate control over your character.
    • Tutorial1
  • Using a character object:
    • The way to use presets for skeleton and cmotion for using and modifying the default animation.
    • Tutorial1
    • Tutorial2


Morphing is the way to blend objects or shapes from one to another. There are numerous ways you can create and use morphs in c4d.

  • Morphing between objects.
    • It is important that the objects have a same amount of points. The best result can be achieved by changing the shape of the same objects.
    • example tutorial
    • example tutorial2
  • Morphing splines to each other. These splines can then be animated with different methods, e.g. by animating the surface generator sweep.

Pose Morph

  • Morphing different shapes of one mesh into another shape of that mesh.

Path Animation

  • You can attach an object to a spline to make it follow the spline by using a align to spline tag. Spline will become parametric, so the animation is done by keyframing its position percentage on the spline. Remember to click on tangential option on the attributes.
  • It is possible to use a spline effector in together with Mograph to create an interesting dynamic animation




Set Driven Key

  • C4d allows you to control an attribute of a one object with the other attribute of another object.





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