Title sequence in AE and C4d

10 Feb
  1. Launch AE and create a new composition with 1080p 25 fps.
  2. Import a background image or image sequence or movie file to a layer. Make this personal and relevant to your project.
  3. Create a new Cinema 4d layer from Layer -> New -> Maxon Cinema4d File.
  4. Save the new Cinema 4d file.
  5. Cinema Lite automatically opens.
  6. Create a text spline. Write down the title of your project. Choose the font to your liking. Texture to the style of your project. You can create more lively text by using a different texture shade for the beveled edges of your text. C4d creates it’s own selection tags for extruded objects. They are named C1 and C2 for caps and R1 and R2 for bevelled/rounded edges.
  7. Extrude text. Select cap and fillet type to your liking.
  8. Save the C4d file and jump back to AE. Note that C4d file is updating in AE.
  9. Export a frame from AE to use in C4d as a reference. Select Composition -> Save Frame As -> Photoshop Layers.
  10. Save your AE file.
  11. Bring the background image to C4d and add it as a material to Background object. Background object will not render in Cineware.
  12. Create a new camera for render. Use the background image as a reference and move the camera to match the perspective of the image.
  13. Light the scene so that it matches the background it is supposed to be composited to.
  14. Animate the text with using MoGraph.
    1. Select Mograph -> Fracture and drag extruded text as an child of the Fracture object.
    2. Change the fracture objects Mode in attribute editor to Explode segments and connect.
    3. In order for the Fracture object to work, it needs to have an effector applied to it. Fracture object selected, go to Mograph -> Effector -> plain.
    4. Go to Plain effector and click on the Falloff tab. Change the falloff from infinite to linear. A wireframe box appears in the viewport and that allows you to control the fracturing.
    5. Click on the checkbox for invert.
    6. Enter -90 degrees for the heading rotation R.H
    7. Click and drag the yellow arrow inside the wireframe box left and right to see how the linear falloff affects the movement of the letters.
    8. Animate the position so that the letters animate down to their position. Animation should last 110 frames. Check the animation.
    9. When animation is ok, change the values of the plane effectors parameters as follows:
      1. y-position -225 cm
      2. z-position -900 cm
      3. Pitch (R.P) 180 degrees.
      4. Now the text should fly into the scene
  15. Change the render settings as needed, use ambient occlusion and make sure the anti-aliasing is set to best.
  16. Save the project and go back to AE.
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