3D printtaus ja C4d – 3D printing in C4d

19 Sep

3D printing in general:





AM Finland


Mini Factory Innovator

Modelling guidelines:

  1. Textures don’t transfer to 3D printer
  2. Loose the phong tag and increase the subdivisions on the model
  3. Make sure you have only ONE model on your scene.
  4. Work on real world unit scale (Preferably mm – Project settings, Preferences, view clipping)
  5. Clean up your geometry (Mesh checking – Shift+M – Project settings/mode/modelling/mesh checking)
    1. Keep the model watertight (boundary edges); The model needs to have depth
    2. Keep normals at the same direction
    3. Avoid intersecting objects (connect by boolean, magic merge)
    4. Avoid non manifold edges
    5. Avoid too narrow areas
  6. Save as a STL-file
  7. Brims, drafts, drain holes

Tutorial on preparing models on 3D printing

Tutorial on fixing non manifold edges on your model

Add a comment of a nice example of 3D printing you found here on the comments!


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    RepRap Tulostaa itse itsensä:

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