3D animation Project Course Assessment

30 Jun
  1. On the front page Draw a mind map/visual presentation of your production workflow/pipeline (in chronoligical order).
  2. Analyse your development as a 3D artist. How did you meet your goals and ambitions? What went well? What would you do differently now?
  3. Explain in your own words:
    1. Parenting
    2. UVs
    3. IK
    4. Tag
    5. Polygon Normal
  4. What does a good topology mean in a model?
  5. What is a purpose of Subdivision Surface?
  6. How is a texture applied on an object (what does a computer software do/method it uses)
  7. How do you manipulate the placement of a texture on a surface?
  8. How do you attach an object to a curve and how do you animate it?
  9. How would you animate facial expressions?
  10. Any last words?

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