Course requirements for 3D Animation Tools

80% attendance and completion of the exercises assigned by the teacher.

Contact info: 050 5186603, e-mail: on

Classes start at 9.15


Mon 29.8 General introduction to the 3D animation pipeline and getting to know the interface.

  1. Getting to know you
    • Send me an e-mail, which contains your name and contact number and answers to the following questions:
      • Have you got some previous experience on 3D? If so, what?
      • What area of 3D interests you? Why?
      • What are your expectations on the course and what are you hoping to achieve?
  2. ASSIGNMENT1: What can be done in C4d?
    • Check out examples of what can be done using cinema 4d.
    • Go to maxon home page  and watch the showreels and the gallery images.
    • Check out examples of the work done by watching videos and tutorials.
    • There is a watch list on youtube for you to start commercial work done with C4d.
    • Find work done in C4d, watch tutorials and select one work that interests you. Send me a link to the video on the comment area of the page Good Stuff.

Tue 30.8

  1. Look into animation process through the short animation: The Backwater Gospel and The Making of The Backwater Gospel.
  2. EXERCISE: Box modelling exercise – Dolphin
  3. ASSIGNMENT2: Create a moodboard of the style you like in animation and send it to me by e-mail.

Mon 5.9

  1. EXERCISE: Box modelling exercise – Jet Plane

Tue 6.9

  1. EXERCISE: Character modelling tutorial in C4D tutorials
  2. ASSIGNMENT3: Design a logo for yourself or for your company. Draw logo as vector image in AI or bring in a drawn image of the logo as a file to use as a background drawing. Check out the following instructions.

Mon 12.9

  1. Curve-based modelling: How to draw and modify a curve. How to use that curve as a base for a geometry (generators: extrude, lathe, sweep, loft).
  2. Check out the tutorial on surface modelling.
  3. Modelled a candle holder by using curves and lathe generator and array operator.
  4. EXERCISE: Model a candle for a candle stick and place it at the position.

Tue 13.9

  1. More on curve modelling
  2. ASSIGNMENT4: Model a logo of your own design By using curves as a base.
  3. EXERCISE: Character modelling tutorial in C4D tutorials

Mon 19.9

  1. Brief introduction on 3D printing. Example of fdm printing in action.
  2. EXERCISE: Make your logo model printable (max 35mm in diameter).

Tue 20.9

  1. ASSIGNMENT5: Get to know what has been done by 3D printing. Use links on the article. Write a max 200 words on the subject on the subject “What is 3D printing used for?”. Send the text to me by e-mail by the Monday the 26th. Link a page to a 3D printed object that you find interesting/coll etc. on the comments on that previous article.
  2. EXERCISE: Model 3 models (furniture etc. for a room that has been assigned to your group; group1 living room, group2 bedroom, group3 children’s room, group4 kitchen)
  3. ASSIGNMENT6: Collect material for texturing your room. Images to be used for surfaces.

Mon 26.9

ASSIGNMENT7: Collect all the furniture your group has been modelling and place them in the room. Texture.

Tue 27.9

Mon 3.10 ASSIGNMENT7 continues: Light the room, make a plane to follow a path and create few scene cameras and switch between them in the view by using a stage object.

Tue 4.10

Send me an e-mail, which contains your name and contact number and answers to the following question:

  1. Reflect on your aims at the start of the course. How did the course answer to your expectations and did you achieve the goals you placed for yourself?
  2. Analyze your development. How did you do? What did you learn and what went well? What could be improved?
  3. Notes for the teacher.


  • Still image of the room (to the return folder inside your own course folder)
  • c4d files:
    • logo,
    • logo for 3d print,
    • furniture files (to the return folder inside your own course folder – create a folder with your own name),
    • Image sequence of the animation of the room