course requirements mul13

Kurssin läsnäolovaatimuksena on 80% läsnäolo tunneilla, tunneilla tehtyjen harjoitustehtävien suorittaminen ja itsenäinen kurssityö.

There is an 80% requirement for presence, it is required that you complete the exercises done on the classes. There will also be an independent individual project work.

Contact info: 050 5186603, e-mail: on

Classes start at 9.15


Thu 7.1 General introduction and getting to know the interface.

Fri 8.1 What C4d is used for?

Assignment 1: Check out examples of what can be done using cinema 4d. Go to maxon home page  and watch the showreels and the gallery images. Check out examples of the work done by watching videos and tutorials. There is a watch list on youtube for you to start commercial work done with C4d. Find work done in C4d, watch tutorials and select one work that interests you. Send me a link to the video on the comment area of the page Mograph.

Tue 12.1 Jet plane modelling exercise. The tutorial can be found in the exercise folder.

Wed 13.1 Jet plane modelling continued.

Thu 14.1 INDEPENDENT/REMOTE WORK DAY – To be used for character designing

Fri 15.1 Curve modelling assignments:

  • Create a model with Lathe, Sweep & Loft.
  • Use AI to draw a logo, bring that to C4D & use the resulting splines to create a 3D-logo. From AI to C4D

Sat 16.1 10.00-16.00 Cloner object and effectors:

  • Use the logo you created by using splines as a cloner object. Use the model you prefer as a cloned object. Create an animation, where these clones fly from all around and form the shape of the logo.
  • Follow the techniques shown in this tutorial parts 1-3.

Mon 18.1 Character Modelling Work Shop – Have your own characters ready!

Tue 19.1 Head modelling: tutorial

Wed 20.1 Sculpting


  • Design work for Friday
    • Story Outline (max. 150 words),
    • Preliminary storyboard
    • Visual research as a moodboard and environment sketches, model sheets etc.
    • Character Designs
  • Model character, environments, props etc. for the project

Fri 22.1 Deformers

Mon 25.1 iweek lectures: Faculty of technology, Lahti university of applied science

  • 9.00-12.00 Jordi Linares (ES) / Game development with Unity 1 (E303)
  • 13.00-16.00 Jordi Voltas Aguilar (ES) / 3D Modeling for Unity 3D (E303)

Tue 26.1 Texturing – texturing basics, material attributes and projection methods

Wed 27.1 UV-mapping basics


  • Modelling characters environments, models, props
  • Finish your storyboard
  • Transfer that storyboard into an 3d animatic, blocktest
  • Collect reference for texturing
  • Be prepared to explain the deformer that was assigned to you.
  • Finish the logo wrapped around the sphere, test texturing the logo and the sphere.

Fri 29.1

  • Deformers explained
  • C4D/AE integration

Mon 1.2

Tue 2.2

Wed 3.2

  • individual meetings


Fri 5.2

  • cancelled, teacher on sick leave

Mon 8.2 Tekijänoikeuslaki, Markus Nyberg, Antinsali 9-12.30

Tue 9.2 Title sequence in AE and AE/C4d integration

Wed 10.2

Thu 11.2 

Fri 12.2

Tue 16.2 Critics 13.00