Project Brief 2016

Independent Work Assignment – Project Brief

Theme: TIME

Think about the concept of time. There are many ways you can look at it. It can be seen as something passing  as in time going by. On the other hand passing time can be seen as activity, something to do. Or you can think of the question of “when?” as in past, present and future. Time can be a concept of something close to present like yesterday or tomorrow, or it can extend way back to the past in history or forward to the future. There is the beginning of time and the end of time to consider. Do you want to concentrate on what happens in time or the essence of time?

  • Create a short story where there is

    • 1 piped character
    • beginning,middle & end structure story
    • the background can be either live footage or cg or the combination of both.
    • the background has to be appropriate for the character.
    • the length should not exceed 30 sec
  • Mood board
  • Character Sheets, Model Sheets and Environment Drawings
  • Storyboard

Critic 23.11.2016 klo.10.00

  1. Final output mp4 1080p production quality. There is a folder named “c4d_palautukset” in Macshare in both the mes14 and mes15 folders.
  2. Render a A4 size image of your project in 300ppi resolution.
  3. There should be a title sequence at the beginning done following the instructions on the post Title sequence in c4d and AE.
  4. Be prepared to give a short (5 min) project overview with visual references e.g. production drawings, character designs etc. Show your personal development by showing some additional work you completed during the course. (e.g. jet plane, logo, etc.).
  5. Add a comment to the post Things I’ve learned.
  6. Answer to the course review questions in e-mail send to me. Think of the answers you gave to my questions at the start of the course.
    1. Has the course answered to those expectations?
    2. Analyze your personal learning experience? Did you fulfill your own goals and ambitions?
    3. How do you feel about your project? What are you particularly happy with?
    4. Comment and critic on the course. What was good? What could be improved? How do you feel overall?