Project Brief 2017

Theme: Teleporting

Inspiration for the Project comes from a Russian animation short called Hopfrog.

You can create an environment of your own choosing. The style can be anything you want, but keep things simple so that you can concentrate on the animation.) Somewhere in there should be a black hole where character jumps out of (imagine that there is a trampoline somewhere below the surface). Animation should concentrate on the character movement and characters facial expressions. Character could be happy, sad, surprised, exited etc. There should be some additional animation on the background (bird flying, plane flying past, windows opening, planets moving, anything…). The character can be interacting with those additional elements (trying to catch a star, hit his/hers head on the planet etc…). Be creative!

  • Elements to include to your project

    • Motion graphic title
    • 1 piped character (keep character as simple as possible)
    • Character animation of the character jumping out of the black hole and back in
    • Facial expressions animation with morph tag
    • One piece of animation using deformers (possibly on the environment)
    • cg background
    • the background has to be appropriate for the character.
    • the length should not exceed 15 sec
  • Mood board
  • Character Sheets, Model Sheets and Environment Drawings
  • Storyboard

Assessment criteria

– know how to design and produce a basic, short 3D character animation
– know how to describe a workflow of a simplified 3D animation production process
– know how to work as a junior member in a professional 3D animation team

Main emphasis is NOT the length of the piece or the STORY, BUT on the quality of the work produced.

Student will be assessed by:

  • The Project workflow
    • The student will be able to produce a project in a given schedule
    • The student is capable to find information independently and work independently
    • Creativity
  •  Modelling
    • capability to produce models for which are topologically correct
    • capability to model for animation
  •  Animation
    • the quality of the character animation (how well the student has been able to catch the movement of the character)
    • capability to use different animation tools confidently and versatility of the methods.
  • Texturing
    • capability to produce unique textures and the ability to use materials versatile way
  • Lighting, Rendering
    • capability to produce a finished lighting and rendering
    • capability to work economically with the resources.